Friday, 8 November 2013

Next stop...Canada

I actually wrote something a few weeks ago that I planned on posting but never did for some reason. It was a melancholy piece about how hard I was finding it to face leaving friends both old and new in Canada and that as my final weeks here drew to a close, saying goodbye to people and places I’ve got to know and grown to love was something I hadn’t considered would be so difficult. Then yesterday I realised there was a simple solution to the problem (albeit a temporary one) – don’t leave.

P1130999 P1130964

Someone reminded me that when I first set off on this trip the only rule I set for myself was to travel with as few plans as possible so that I can take advantage of whatever opportunities arise along the way. Well that’s what I’m going to flight to Cancun in a couple of days time will leave without me. I’m back in the Georgian Bay area and I couldn’t be happier here; I feels like I’m where I'm supposed to be right now despite the weather closing in, the temperatures starting to drop and the recent clock change meaning the nights get darker earlier. We even had the first dusting of snow last night.

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Maybe it’ll make it even harder to leave in the long run, but I think by the time I leave in late December when my visa expires it won’t feel so much like I’m leaving when I don’t have to. Or maybe I’ll be tired of the cold and wet by then and be ready for some tropical weather! Either way, I’m staying put for the time being. I bought some warm jumpers and a woolly hat today - bring on the snow and sub zero temperatures!

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